Jazz Pianist Jeff Goldblum Files Restraining Order Against His Last Remaining Fan

Didn’t get beyond the “Jazz Pianist Jeff Goldblum” part of the post title, right? Who knew! At this point you have to expect that every actor’s a wannabe musician, too. We’ve actually heard a little of his jazz hands at work, and it’s not atrocious. Not good, but not atrocious. Unlike his scatting. Anyway, TMZ has the scoop on Jeff’s filing a restraining order against a 44-year-old woman who has turned up at his house uninvited 50 times over a three month period and has sent him threatening letters.

According to the documents, Ransom met Goldblum at an acting school in Los Angeles where Goldblum teaches. She then began showing up at various locations where he performed with his jazz band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra.

He’s got a gigging band! But what’s more bizarre: that Jeff Goldblum plays in The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra? Or that Jeff Goldblum still has fans? Oh we keed, we keed. Jeff was awesome in Jurassic Park. In 1993.