New TV On The Radio Video – “Stork And Owl”

It would be impossible to outdo the Care Bear stare ridiculousness of “Golden Age” and “Dancing Choose“‘s Residents flashback wasn’t that interesting the first time, so TV On The Radio took the visuals in a different direction for the third Dear Science clip, for the crawling, elegiac “Stork And Owl.” As Tunde told Spinner, he thought up a series of questions for Science and had Petro Padahadjopoulos answer them via his animation:

The first question was “Dear Science, How far is Up?” The second, “Dear Science, Is it actually possible to make love all night long, and if so where might I find a partner who is so inclined?”

The clip’s only for a minute and change of the 4-minute song, so I know at least one person who isn’t an all-nighter when it comes up to asking questions to Science.

Dear Science, Was that a rip off?

Dear Science is out via Interscope.