Finally, Lisa Hannigan Solo

Seems like we’re incapable of mentioning Damien Rice without fawning over his accompanying vocalist, Lisa Hannigan. Her hand-wringing and char-burned vocal charm slay us, and aside from bootlegs and radio rips of Lisa performing covers, there really isn’t much out there that to feed our fixation. So big thanks to Stereogum reader Aoife for pointing us to Other Voices, a show on RTÉ Two TV, which features Lisa in a 17 minute performance and interview segment. The first song’s a little forgettable, but you’ll fall in love during the interview (hers is the classic “always the bridesmaid, never a bride” story, and she’s instantly endearing, like a real-life movie heroine minus the contrived Hollywood bullshit). And her performances on the show from there on are just mesmerizing.

Lisa Hannigan On Other Voices (Real)