A Glimpse Of Andy Partridge In The Studio

It’s just not every day that you can actually watch Andy performing, so this vid will interest you if you’re a fan of the XTC hero. The clip is of Partridge’s improv trio project Monstrance, featuring Barry Andrews (XTC’s original keyboardist) and drummer Martyn Barker (Barry’s bandmember in Shriekback) as they snake their way through the dusky, acid-tinged groove jazz of “Winterwerk.”

Monstrance – “Winterwerk” (QT)

Love those intense eyeball closeups! For a little more on the project, here’s Andy in his own words about recording the album of nothing but first-take improv cuts. It’s a colorful recap.

So I plugged in my spiffing shinee guitar,what did not hav two much dust upon it,then I looked over and sawed Barrye. He have a pile of keyfobs what he plays,black and wight and all squelchee noyses that come out all over my trousirs, the stains,the stains. Then I notissed from the cornea of mi eye thair is a bloke sitting behind these bangy bangy bangy drum tins,with the name of Martiin{his name,knot the drums}. So like a good un I sticks my hand intoo my gitar like a playing bloke what nose how to makeup a rite proper sexy sexy futyure sound of Ludlow,and of we goes.

Crikey! what constelation and turbotlence we does. Sounds cummin out all wilde and bonkee with no one nowing ware we is all goin,but hoo cares? Not we, cos its hot good and liabull to berne your lips if them dirty girls sticks it in thair mouths all to kwik. And dont it go good and betterer each thyme us do have a crac at an other thing from down beelow in ars soles to pull out four you. And make a recorded.

Soon after threee daze of makin our hands get all overt the expensiv noizy instruments things, we are sitting behind all scared like,cos they do feerce tones as wel as softee lay down noisis propel out,to fright the cattle. Then we says its right desuntt and properlike to micks it up in to a disc record and give it too you for munny. Myselfs, Martine and Bary ar as pleesd as a punctyure to let you heer this all,what is gooderer than a lot of groops that evun try hard does. So lissun with your eers to make an enjoymentt of it all. We are.

Never has an accent come across so well in written words, aye?

Monstrance is out this spring on Partridge’s Ape House label, distributed in the U.S. by Ryko.