Putting A Bow On Our Pre-Release Neon Bible Chatter

The pattern of scorching, pre-release hysteria followed by apathetic, blogspot silence by release date is nothing new, but given the relatively deafening din of Neon Bible’s leak period, we thought we’d remind that you can actually BUY the thing on Tuesday. Seriously! People are already starting to receive their super deluxe royale packages in the mail, replete with posters, books, and other pretty things.

So by now you guys have had some time to live with the songs, see ‘em live once or thrice, watch Win get violent with his Haitian-inscribed guitar, etc. The burning question for next week, then: What’s P4K gonna give it? More importantly, what do YOU think of the record? No need to quantify your opinion in numbers. We prefer the star system. Oh just kidding.

But while you’re mathematically calculating the merit of Neon Bible vis a vis Funeral, etc., enjoy these pics, taken by a New York magazine photog who trailed the band during their week of church gigs here in the city.

Knowing that Win thinks about Joe Simpson was shock enough, but seeing him yuck it up with Drew was a mind explosion. More artsy, backstage pics here.

Okay, time’s up. Let’s hear it, ‘forkers.

Neon Bible is out 3/6 on Merge.

UPDATE: Still not ready to weigh in? Maybe the New York Times article on “One Very, Very Indie Band” will help out. Holy press overload.

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