Chris Martin Gives Good Press

Depending on which article you read from Mr. Paltrow’s Mexico City press conference, Chris is either an egomaniacal self promoter, or a rabidly insecure Hollywood husband. So, nothing new really. But we thought it’d be fun to share! First up, the AP reports on Chris’s comments regarding the band’s forthcoming, Brian Eno-produced record:

“In order for us to get excited about a new album, we have to have one song that we feel like everybody has to hear … before we die, otherwise we’ll be terribly depressed,” Martin said. “So luckily with this new record we’re going to make, we have that one song.”

“I can’t tell you about it, but it’s basically genius,” he joked.

But your favorite Martin lost his ingenious sense of humor right quick when a reporter brought up his rather famous life partner (via MSNBC):

?Gwyneth Paltrow must suffer,? opined a writer from Folha de Sao Paulo, according to our translator. ?Chris Martin, her husband isn?t one of the nicest persons on earth. At least that?s what it seemed on the 20 minutes press conference.?

When a woman reporter asked if Martin ever planned to sing a duet with Paltrow, the musician snapped: ?What?s your favorite sexual position??

And before you aspiring journalists think that Chris will open up about prospective musical collabs with wife-y simply by you sharing your bedroom predilections, a later mention of Paltrow’s name saw him storm out of the room in a flaming ball or ire. Ironic if only ’cause nabbing Gwyneth has gotta be the greatest achievement of his musical career. But then, we have yet to hear his “The Scientist 3.0.”