‘Everytime’: Britney’s Suicide Video

The Sun describes Britney’s controversial new video:

Britney throws a glass against a mirror, then climbs into a bath. She looks at her hands, sees her wrists are cut, slips under the water and passes out. Moments later she’s running down a white tunnel towards a bright light.

Brit Brit had considered cutting the scene. Of course, none of her decisions last more than a few hours, so it’s back in.

Parents are calling the move irresponsible and completely stupid. And SEXY!

Here are more scenes…

The best part of the video is when Britney is unconscious on a stretcher and some guy is waiting outside the ambulance for an autograph. Also when Stephen Dorff throws an In Touch magazine at the paparazzi. And when Brit Brit takes a bath … obvs.

See? Not so scary anymore. Viva La Brit.