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Band To Watch: Slaraffenland

This could be the first you’re hearing of Denmark’s Slaraffenland. Or maybe you’ve been hip to their experimental art-rock surges since their rare NYC appearances over the past two years. Regardless, the band is finally ready to release a full-length States side — their first song collection since a self-released EP in ’05 — and it’s sure to see muster raves across the board. Slaraffenland’s cuts are often formless, sometimes weaving dark-lit, group chants with cymbal crashes and woodwinds, adding brass like fellow Danes Under Byen, finding a groove that clicks only to leave it for a strangled sax around the corner. Tunes deconstruct, take shape again, dissolve into the next. For fans of cinematic Scandinavian rock and candle lit make out sessions. Take these two as a primer:

Slaraffenland – “Sleep Tight” (MP3)
Slaraffenland – “Polaroids” (MP3)

Slaraffenland will make two appearances at SXSW, 3/14 at the Hometapes showcase at Mohwak and 3/17 at Thrill Jockey’s Fina Music party, so best mark yer schedules accordingly.

Private Cinema is out 5/15 on Hometapes.