Kanye Unveils Practical Footwear, Is Not Doing Porn

Bright red Louis Vuitton sneakers with a flap to tuck your pants into! Finally. He tells NY Times men’s fashion blog “The inspiration [for the shoes] came from a jacket with a huge collar in the movie Dune. West went on: “Most [of them] focus on the tongue, so I wanted to do something different.” (That is definitely what she said.) Becoming a designer also happens to be the best way to ensure you stop getting turned away at fashion shows. If that rouge boot clashes with, well, everything you own, worry not: they come in other colors. Interesting but hardly unexpected; it’s not like Ye was gonna spend so much time blogging about hot looks without eventually making ‘em. Maybe this pic with Aziz means a Kanye standup set is around the corner.

Also it looks like some people are taking that whole “Be Kanye” thing literally. Sorry ladies, reports of Lil West’s film debut have been greatly exaggerated. But just in case, what would Kanye’s porn name be? Best answer gets a copy of his adult film that’s coming out never.

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