Stream Animal Collective’s Bowery Ballroom Show

So there’s this band called Animal Collective, they played a show at Bowery Ballroom the other night, it was pretty good. If instead you watched Sawyer shirtless, or don’t live in NYC, or bought fake tickets from this douchebag, there’s a fine gentleman that goes by the name nyctaper that has you covered. As he did for the previous night’s Grand Ballroom set, the taper captured and posted the entire Bowery show as MP3, FLAC, and a full concert stream. Really it’s best heard front-to-back; as mentioned the other day, the set was purposefully constructed, culminating in a raved up “Brother Sport” and a great Sung Tongs reinventing/Panda Bear “covering” encore. For starters we’ve extricated a few of the best bits: a high-quality take on post-Merriweather Post cut “Blue Sky,” and the radical reworking of Sung Tongs’ “Winters Love.” It’s very lagoony, to borrow a phrase, and captured in high def sound:

Animal Collective – “Winters Love” (Live at Bowery Ballroom 1/20/09) (MP3)
Animal Collective – “Blue Sky” (Live at Bowery Ballroom 1/20/09) (MP3)

Here’s the whole thing to stream:

Here’s the click order:
01 “Also Frightened”
02 “My Girls”
03 “Blue Sky”
04 “Slippi”
05 “Leaf House”
06 “Summertime Clothes”
07 “Guys Eyes”
08 “Lablakley Dress”
09 “Fireworks”
10 “Lion In A Coma”
11 “Brother Sport”
12 [Set Break]
13 “Winters Love”
14 “Comfy In Nautica”

Download the whole Bowery set at nyctaper. Don’t miss this tour. Or this interview with NPR.

UPDATE: “Blue Sky,” which is now being called “What Would I Want Sky,” was recently recorded in studio as part of BBC’s Freak Zone Sessions. Here’s the MP3:

Animal Collective – “What Would I Want Sky” (BBC Freak Zone Session) (MP3)