Ben + Vesper – “Hot Thunder”

Shaking Through is a web series that pairs artists with cool producers and engineers, and gets them to record a track at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia. Danielson’s Daniel Smith has been curing the last few bands, and for the latest installment, he recorded with husband and wife duo Ben + Vesper, who are on his own label Sounds Familyre. A lot goes into the song — Ben’s brother Joshua Stamper did the arrangements, and you can hear (and see) the accordion, saxophone, and strings that guide the track. It’s got a twisting, accordion-prog feel to it:

Ben And Vesper – “Hot Thunder”

There’s nice video from the recording session as well:

Their upcoming album Honors will be out January 2010 on Sounds Familyre. It’s produced by Daniel Smith, with contributions from Sufjan Stevens, among others. More from the couple here and here.