New Bright Eyes – “No One Would Riot For Less”

The blogosphere’s collective enthusiasm for Conor Oberst seems to have dampened in the past few months. (Save your ticket allowance, kids.) But Stereogum still holds out hope that Cassadaga will be, like, totally important. New Dylan’s got something to say, America. War, “it’s got no heart … it will kill you in the sunshine.” Check out the second free MP3 from the forthcoming album (out 4/10 on Saddle Creek):

Bright Eyes – “No One Would Riot For Less” (MP3)

The instrumentation’s quite lovely. Dig those swelling strings and the echo choir. But overall his cautionary tale reads like Neil Young-lite. Anyone got the full-length? E-mail us if you do; we’ll be crying in our coffee. (Thanks Pearl for the heads up!)