New CFCF Video – “Crystal Mines”

Montreal’s CFCF, who’s previously remixed Sally Shapiro, Justice, and Spank Rock, creates instrumental analog synthesizer jams that would be much less scary if it weren’t for the Nuits Rouges footage in his video for “Crystal Mines.” In fact, despite the Fuckers-esque vibe, his mention of Vangelis and the Durutti Column are more apropos than his mention of Goblin (ergo Dario Argento) as influences. Actually, while we’re talking influence, he should really just list “Justice.” Still, “Crystal Mines” has a pleasant fun-house look/feel. The track’s from his Panesian Nights EP.



CFCF – “Crystal Mines” (MP3)

The Panesian Nights EP is out via Paper Bag, which is something else you can wear on your head. There are more sounds available at CFCF’s MySpace.

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