Genesis With Gabriel Reunion? Definitely Maybe.

So happy there are some Steve Hackett fans reading this site! Or, at least people who know who Steve Hackett is. Rock Daily transcribed the interesting part from yesterday’s Genesis press conference:

?We?ve been talking for a long time about the possibility of doing The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway in it?s entirety, with Peter and Steve. We finally got together a couple of years ago in Scotland when I was on tour. We discussed it ? the five of us ? and it didn?t look like Peter could commit himself at that point because he had an album to finish and a tour to go behind that album, which is still not out. So, as he and Steve left the room, we looked at each other and said ?Do you fancy doing this?? It was all so easy. I don?t want it to appear, like it has been appearing, that this is a party that we?re holding that Peter didn?t come to. This is a separate thing. That Lamb thing may happen in a few years time. It?s not a no, it?s not a yes.?

So there you have it. We’ve heard talk that a one-off Gabriel-fronted performance is on for this summer. This rumor was probably started by the same people who think both Pavement and The Traveling Wilburys (the living ones, presumably) are playing ACL. But it’s a rumor we like! Maybe Jeff Buckley will guest on “Back In N.Y.C.”

Elsewhere, Genesis will be feted at VH1 Rock Honors this spring. Wonder who will handle the tribute performance. Disturbed?