New Lil Wayne – “Prom Queen”

The Carter III was good, so kudos to Weezy for getting wise and ditching this rap thing for his next release. Huh? Well it’s all true: Lil Wayne is making a “rock record” instead of a rap record, and it’s out this April. Despite earlier statements suggesting this would be titled Tha Carter III: Rebirth while featuring none of the songs from the original Tha Carter III (obvs) (ugh), this won’t have anything to do with Tha Carter III. It’ll just be a rock record called Rebirth. With audible autotune! All the rock records have audible autotune. A taste:

If that gets pulled, you can hear it starting tomorrow (1/27) at MySpace. Rebirth is due out 4/7.

[Photo by Jeff Genter for Getty]

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