Bruce Willis’s Sixth Sense: Regret

Taking a cue from Joss Stone, macho man John McClane has come clean with a list of movies he wishes he?d never made. Via Monsters & Critics:

‘There are some films I would love to go back and delete. There is maybe a handful of films that I really regret doing – but mostly I am content with what I have achieved in my career.’ The 56-year-old revealed that the movies he is most ashamed of are ‘Hudson Hawk’ and ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’ – films that the actor made in the early 90s.

What, no Look Who?s Talking Too?

But if Willis has any artistic choices to regret, it should probably be his music career. We?d much rather sit through an Unbreakable/Armageddon double-feature than listen to The Return of Bruno. We barely got through an iTunes sample of his rendition of ?Respect Yourself? before our ears started bleeding.

In case you don?t believe us, here?s some bonus footage of Bruce caterwauling like a drunk Paul Schaeffer.

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