Shugo Tokumaru Does “Green Rain” On Iggy, Joined By Members Of Beirut And The National Onstage

The last time we pleaded with you to get obsessed with pop savant Shugo Tokumaru came in relation to the fantastical, Beatles-indebted toy-factory waltz of “Green Rain.” Like the best of Shug’s material it features him on so many instruments and possesses a dream-like character, one foot in Western pop forms, another in candy coated surreality. So this two-part feature on MTV Iggy is interesting for its interview component, in which Tokumaru explains his songs are born of his dream journal, and accompanying solo performance of ace cut “Green Rain,” stripped of all bells and whistles in solo acoustic form. The Q&A portion includes footage from Shugo’s NYC debut, for which the 28-year-old Japanese artist farmed out backing band responsibilities to members of Beirut and the National. They seem to be big fans, probably because their sense of hearing is in tact.

“Green Rain” (Acoustic)


Shugo Tokumaru – “Green Rain” (MP3)

Here’s the Q&A and Beirut/National bit:

Exit is out in Japan via p-vine, and in the States via Almost Gold.

UPDATE: Here’s Shugo/Beirut/National doing “Buttons.”