Ted Leo And The Pharmacists – “Bottled In Cork” Video

Last week Ted Leo posted a lengthy text on his website titled “MAJORLY MASSIVE CAREER TRAJECTORY NEWS! YOU MIGHT SAY, “PARADIGM SHIFT,” EVEN!!,” which discusses just that over the course of 3,000 or so words. In the screed, he mentions wanting to go into musical theater — “another love of mine” — because these days it’s rough making money doing straight-up punk rock:

What are some other ways to make a living in the world of music? Sell your songs to commercials? Doesn’t sit right with me. Soundtracks? If the right one comes along, I’m happy to offer up my stuff for use, but it seems that people generally don’t like to have songs about struggling through life during shitty wars as the background to whatever ro-co or teen comedy they’re working on.

In the text he mentions being approached by a director named Reginald VanVoorst to work on a musical inspired by Julie Taymor’s Across The Universe and Green Day’s American Idiot. (Why not Movin’ Out?) This Tom Scharpling-directed video for The Brutalist Bricks’ “Bottled In Cork” focuses on the band putting together that very punk rock musical. In it, there’s a character named Reginald VanVoorst’s played by Paul F. Tompkins, who’s joined by Julie Klausner and John Hodgman. Right, if you haven’t caught on yet, last week’s story was a joke, a massive meta framework for this punchline:

(via Funny Or Die)

Leo’s big REVEAL from earlier today: “Apology for the dramatic set-up/Rick-roll to follow soon…”

The Brutalist Bricks is out now via Matador.