Yoshimi Battles The Theater Critics

The Flaming Lips’ spirit-raising live act — a shit-eating grin inducing spectacle no matter how many times you’ve enjoyed it — is already something more than a simple rock show; it’s performance art of the “high”est order. And now the high art high priests of Broadway beckon. Wayne has gone on record to say that, despite the album title and obvious motifs, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots “is not intended as a concept album,” but Rolling Stone reports that Coyne is in talks with Broadway producer Des McAnuff (The Who?s Tommy and last year?s Tony-winning Jersey Boys) to mine that unintentional concept and create a Broadway show. Said Wayne:

We?re putting together a Broadway version of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. As much as I love the more intense experience of being at a rock show, this could be great!

You know that’s a direct quote ’cause of the exclamation point. No word on whether OOIOO’s Yoshimi will play the character that may have been based on her and her pink robot-detesting ways. Dancing Santas not included.