Neil Young Offers Le Noise Art & Tracklist, Gets Covered By Jeff Tweedy & Avi Buffalo

Neil Young’s upcoming solo album Le Noise is finished according to the singer himself, who announced the new via Facebook. The Daniel Lanois-produced album will be out 9/28 on vinyl and CD, and digitally on iTunes. Then, Young says, it’ll be out on Blu-ray and on an iPhone/iPad app about a month later. “Forgive my use of the word ‘album.’ I am old school,” he writes (Blu-ray and iPhone app albums are not old-school). Lanois told Rolling Stone that most of the album will be “very electric,” but won’t include a band, just Young and Lanois’s le “sonics.”

Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Walk With Me”
02 “Sign Of Love”
03 “Someone’s Gonna Rescue “You”
04 “Love And War”
05 “Angry World”
06 “Hitchhiker”
07 “Peaceful Valley Boulevard”
08 “Rumblin”

(via 24Bit)

In other, related Young news, Wilco had their inaugural Solid Sound festival a week ago. In addition to the promised events — puppet shows, stand-up comedy, installations, workshops, bands — there were unpredicted moments, like this cover of Young’s “Look Out For My Love” (from 1978’s Comes A Time) with Avi Buffalo and Jeff Tweedy. It’s hard to do Young without stretching your vowels like him, but this cover is pretty charming:

(via 24Bit)