Q&A With Sam Spector: Original Fab Fiver

Today we’ve got another Stereogum exclusive, an interview with Sam Spector, Fashion Editor for OUT magazine, and original Fab Five “Grooming Expert” on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. You may have seen Sam on TV this week when Bravo aired the never-before-seen pilot episode. Sam’s tips included this nugget about proper cologne application: “Spray, delay, walk away!”

I hadn’t spoken to Sam (a friend of my friend Evan) in years, so a big THANK YOU to him for giving us his time…

Sam Spector

Stereogum: What was the audition process like for Queer Eye?
Sam Spector: The audition process was a great experience, it felt sort of like speed dating, considering about 75 good looking professionals were held in a small conference room and paired into groups of five to simulate the fab five. Each group of five was called in to the audition room where we met with the producers from Bravo and Scout where we were interviewed on camera. There were call backs, and second call backs, and it was really frustrating and lasted a few weeks long. When I was cast, I was cast for the pilot only and there was no guarantee that any of us would be used if the show were to be picked up as a series.

Stereogum: How did you think the taping went at the time?
Sam: The taping was a great experience and I got along really well with all the cast and crew. I think we did a great job of making over Lawson. The filming lasted two weeks and by the end it was just exciting to see how it would be edited and recieved by the network.

Stereogum: What reason did the producers give you for replacing you?
Sam: I was never given a reason for being replaced. I was actually never told I was replaced. I basically just was never told I was in the series and that was my cue.

Stereogum: How pissed were you when Queer Eye became a huge hit?
Sam: I was never pissed because I was never expecting anything more than doing the one episode. My contract was for one pilot episode only. I am not annoyed at all that I am not part of the cast. I am still friendly with Carson and Ted, whom I filmed the pilot with, and have met the rest of the cast and am happy for the success of the show.

Stereogum: Do you watch the show?
Sam: I don’t watch any makeover shows. I had no idea that it would be as popular as it was and I am proud to be a part of the show’s original success.

Stereogum: What are Carson and the other guys like off-camera?
Sam: I talk to Carson still and he is exactly the same way as he is on camera. He is a great guy and the show was made for him! I saw Ted just the other day and he is as sweet as ever. Really great genuine guys that love the fields that they represent and know a great deal about them.

Stereogum: What’s the deal with Jai?
Sam: I do not really see a need for his role. No matter who was responsible for his role, I just think that it’s not as interesting as the other areas. It is one complaint that I consistently hear from people.

Stereogum: Tell us about your job as Fashion Editor of OUT.
Sam: I am responsible for covering fashion, accessories, technology, home, and anything style related for the magazine. I produce monthly photoshoots and product review pages. I select photographers, models, locations, and clothing to feature and then execute the shoots. I get to travel to exotic locations, and meet really fun people along the way. I love what I do because I love style and making pictures to inspire people.

Stereogum: Please share a grooming tip with our readers!
Sam: Guys should stop using gel in their hair. It’s all about a matte finish paste or putty. Something that doesn’t make your hair hard. Girls, or guys, whatever floats your boat, are interested in other hard things on you then your crunchy hair! Material by textureline or SumoTech by Bumble & Bumble are both really malleable products that are perfect for styling a modern guy’s hair.