“Bed Intruder Song” Cracks Billboard Hot 100 :/

Your boyfriend Antoine Dodson’s local news breakout performance/rapist-on-the-loose PSA went from internet meme to internet meme-ier when the Brooklyn-based Gregory Brothers gave his rant some autotune-the-news treatment, ala their similar remake of Mr. Double Rainbow (All The Way). The Gregorys went so far as to release their recontextualization as an internet single (listing Antoine and his sister Kelly Dodson as co-writers) which has hit #89 on the Billboard singles chart. It’s a nice story in that it means money for the Gregorys and the Dodsons. It’s also the least encouraging instance of internet popularity yielding sales chart success in the music industry’s history. What a weird jumble knot to untangle with this, here. Anyway the music industry is dying, hide your kids, hide your wife. This song is undeniably catchy, though.

Don’t miss the marching band remix.