Lennon Brothers On The Road To Reconciliation

After nearly a lifetime of estrangement and allegations of making “cheesy pop” records, the fruit of Lennon’s loins are making an attempt to bond by cruising Europe together. Via ContactMusic:

Half brothers JULIAN LENNON, 43, and SEAN LENNON, 31 – both musicians – have different mothers and have rarely seen each other over the years. But now Julian has joined Sean on his tour bus as it travels across Europe. Sean says, “How sweet is that? I am totally thrilled and deeply touched by this. It’s really fun having him on the bus. It’s nice to have some quality time with him. None of my friends are willing to rough it on the tour bus, so I am very impressed.”

Aww, that IS sweet!


And since we are not at all cynical, we won’t say that it sounds like somebody needs a job.