New Lykke Li Video – “Tonight” (Stereogum Premiere)

We write about a lot of artists, some way outside, some deep in the main, but I could count on one those that could emote for four-and-a-half minutes into a camera fixed at point blank, and actually pull it off. Lykke’s always had a playful and uninhibited charisma, best sampled live, but suggested by her willingness to do as many live videos as possible, and in the cheeky winks in her lyrics. Her previous studio clips tapped that easy charm — see the geriatric backstroking “I’m Good, I’m Gone,” the racy and heart palpitating “Breaking It Up” — but this is the first one to frame it exclusively. As for a performer’s presence, a one shot/static background clip like this is the video equivalent to a “Posted Without Comment” item, and despite my rambling, we probably could’ve done the same. But also doing a video Sinead-style must be crazy cheap, so scratch all that. Lykke’s on a budget obviously. This is one to watch, but you already knew that.

That was directed by Christian Haag, filmed in Stockholm.

Take this cello-version of her collab with superproducer Andreas Kleerup (whose s/t LP is the shit):

Kleerup (Feat. Lykke Li) – “Until We Bleed (Mikael’s Cello Version)” (MP3)

“Tonight” appears as a bonus track on the U.S.-release version of Youth Novels, out via Atlantic.

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