New Yacht Video – “Healthy Student”

Here’s a clip from a cool project from The Blow beatsmith and Stereogum Puppet Show DJ, YACHT. This track comprises samples Nirvana and ONLY Nirvana, right down to the fractured shards of drum. The track comes from a split 12″ with Lucky Dragons, who also keep to the Nirvana theme by sampling exclusively Bleach songs. Jona’s reconstituted bits come from Nevermind and In Utero, and he’s called his side of the project We Float Around, Hang Out On Clouds.

If you ask really nicely, maybe he’ll spin some of this at the Puppet Show in Austin tomorrow night, right between New Violators (who we saw again at last night’s debut US show — they were AWESOME) and the muthaf’in Meat Puppets. Find us, you can buy us a beer!