Franz Go Electro

The dreary soundtrack ballad “Hallem Foe, Dandelion Blow” released by Franz Ferdinand earlier this year is, thankfully, no indication of where the band is going. Guitarist Nick McCarthy spoke recently with XFM (via Contact Music):

We want to be as pop as we can. We’re going to lose the electric guitars and play synths. There are too many guitar bands out there now.

Perhaps fending off suggestion that this was to be their Kid A, Nick reiterated his pop stance (via Gigwise):

It?s a wee bit different from last stuff but still very danceable, that?s the main thing. It?s always pop. Franz Ferdinand has always been pop.

We’ll be rocking to Franz at Bonnaroo this summer, but it sounds like we won’t be hearing much by way of the new, electro Franz. In explaining why the band chose the ‘Roo but no Brit festivals, Nick said:

We don?t really want to play any British festivals until we?ve written a bunch of new songs for people to hear. I don?t really see the point of keeping on going out and playing the same old stuff again and again you wanna come back with something exciting.

They’ll have our ears, even if they had told us they were taking style tips from Sammy Hagar this time around. Maybe. But leaving the guit-based world of Razorlight and Kaiser Chiefs for the equally inundated realm of the synth is tricky terrain. You Can Have It So Much Better… was an under-appreciated effort, so it may just make sense to shake things up. Kapranos has the writing chops. To synth? Or not to synth? Either way, the kids will always love Alex.

[Pic from Franz Ferdinand’s “secret” MySpace show @ Hammerstein Ballroom 4/14/06.]