New Ben Lee – “Blue Denim”

It’s been a minute since onetime noise addict Ben Lee teamed up with a Saved By The Bell star after proclaiming his love for Against Me!. He’s back with his seventh album The Rebirth Of Venus — the above thumbnail is the somewhat creepy album art — which is where you’ll find “Blue Denim.” This is how he describes the song:

Around the time I wrote this, the whole world seemed to be talking about Miley Cyrus and her saucy photos. Everything was so black and white. You had to either approve or disapprove. The conversation seemed overly focused on morality. This song is for Miley. If I could have sat and had a chat with her when all that drama was going down, I’d have told her “Don’t let anyone demonize your emerging sexuality. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. But know that you have a power as a young woman, that for better or worse, can build and destroy civilizations.”

Here goes, Miley, you civilization wrecker.

The Rebirth Of Venus is out 2/10 via New West.

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