Feist And Emily Haines Fix Their Social Scene

The first ladies of Broken Social Scene — and perennial Miss Indie Rock favorites — Emily Haines and Feist were BFF during their BSS days, but recent years has found them living on different continents, rarely speaking and even more rarely hanging out. We were lucky enough to see their musical reunion at Lolla last year, but can’t say we’ve ever hosted a reunion drinks session for ‘em. Vice did just that, though, bringing along a photog and a fly on the wall to transcribe some of their boozey bonding while the two were coincidentally in London. An exchange on their initial attraction:

LESLIE FEIST: We exchanged numbers because for me it was really, really, really, really, really rare to meet another girl in this insane boy-world-music-thing that I was doing. I remember we were both saying how we’d both never had the chance to play with other girls and we were both like “Yeah! You get it!”

EMILY HAINES: I think that 90% of women who are successful in rock’n’roll are usually fucking bitches. And if girls insist on being the only girl in the room, they’re never going to be legitimate musicians. Which is fucking lame because you’ve already cut out half of what’s a good time. More girls equals more fun.

Head over for more. We just needed an excuse to post this pic.