DOs & DON’Ts: Inside The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions

Yesterday afternoon came word from The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame that some seats at Table Van Halen opened up. So we made some calls and got the hookup (thanks, Bono!) to the Waldorf Astoria for this year’s induction ceremony. Sure, the event has gotten lamer over the years, what with the lack of all-star jams and diminishing debauchery due to VH1’s telecasting, but there’s no way we would turn down the opportunity to sit in a room with Paul Shaffer. And an open bar.

Lest you think we’ve lost our indie cred, we’re quite certain that happened a long time ago, when we first started blogging about Steely Dan, Lindsey Buckingham, Billy Joel, and Genesis. So off with the blogjamas and into black tie, we headed uptown where the Ronettes, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Patti Smith, R.E.M. and, uh, Velvet Revolver were scheduled to make YouTube history.

We snapped some photos in between performances. They are terrible. Enjoy!

DON’T: Be that guy. Even if it is your group on the t-shirt.

DO: Throw your hands in the air like you just starting dating someone much hotter than Pam Anderson anyway.

DON’T: Ask “which band?” It’s the Band.

DO: Rock your signature unibrow.

DO: Imitate Jack Sparrow.

DO: Give us a cue if Patti reeks of cigarettes and hummus.

DO: Eat guitars.

DON’T: Leave laser cats with coatcheck.

DO: Pose with the two guys who aren’t in Van Halen anymore. At least they came.

DON’T: Blind Ronnie Spector with your dome.

DON’T: Make fun of Mike Mills’s suits — he bedazzled them himself.

DO: Tell an anecdote about grandma Stipe

DO: If you have to wear your group’s name, make it classy.

We forgot to TIVO. Did you watch on TV? Interesting R.E.M. setlist, no?