Matt Bellamy! To Produce The Disco

Panic! At The Disco’s set at Reading last year may have inspired a spirited bout of bottle chucking from the festival fans, but that didn’t deter Muse’s Matt Bellamy from hopping aboard the Panic! express, telling the band backstage that he was impressed by their “performance.” Lest you think Matt was motivated by sympathy alone, though, [email protected] released some interesting news yesterday. Via MicroCuts:

Panic! At the Disco’s second LP will be produced under the careful eyes and ears of Muse frontman, Matthew Bellamy, the band announced yesterday. “I first spoke to Matt at Reading festival, shortly after our set” claims singer Brendan Urie. “He told us how unlucky we were to be treated by the crowd, and he really enjoyed our set. We soon recieved an email from the Muse management, saying that he wanted to help with our new album in some way, so we invited him over to the studios and played our new demos and he loved them.”

Fever [You Can’t Sweat Out] had some danceable songs,” says Ryan Ross, the band’s main lyricist “but we heard Supermassive Black Hole, and thought ‘we want to make songs like that'”. “Matt’s also a very talented pianist, most of my piano on the new LP is influenced by his work and technique”, says Brendan, “he has been teaching me new styles and ways to play, and it feels like I’m now becoming him!”

It’s so crazy it might just work! Probably not though. And let’s just hope that influence is a one way street; nobody needs to see Muse get all Brechtian. Absolution would have an entirely new meaning in Camp Muse. (Thanks for the tip, Script Girl!)


UPDATE: Good news Muse fans! We’ve just received word and the story ain’t true. Panic!’s still looking for a producer. liv wins the award for Best Bullshit Detector.