Chromeo, Kid Sister @ JellyNYC Pool Party, Williamsburg Waterfront 8/22/10

The Pool Party summer series of free shows has taken an unfortunate turn of late, becoming more discussed for its behind-the-scenes press-baiting institutional drama than the concerts themselves. If you follow Brooklyn local events and gossip even casually, the conflicts between JellyNYC (the series’ creators and organizers) and the Open Space Alliance (the relatively recently created, nonprofit north Brooklyn parks administration entity) have become more apparent, and transparent. Particularly after a surprisingly vindictive press release from the OSA hit the internet late one night last week, claiming Jelly had defaulted on various payments and framed in such a manner to insinuate the OSA was forced to cancel the final Pool Party, scheduled for 8/29, and featuring Delorean, Dominique Young Unique, and “Special Surprise Guests.” Jelly replied with a release of their own, stating their case and calling the OSA’s spurious, citing the spontaneous, systematic, and somewhat arbitrary nature of the fees the entity had leveled against Jelly all summer long. Drama, basically.

So, yesterday’s Chromeo show was still a go, though, and we woke up on Sunday thinking that day would be the Pool Party’s last hurrah, and found out within hours via a NYTimes report that, thanks to some last minute donations from local vendors and lord knows how much pressure from various actors, the 8/29 show was BACK ON. So it’ll be NEXT WEEK that’ll be the superfun, likely to be heartily attended climax and send-off to the series’ otherwise successful and celebrated five-year run. And yesterday it was all rain, and a lineup that was interesting though not quite interesting enough to call people out through the storms, and an OSA that was acting erratically by limiting photopits to small numbers (any photos we have here are thanks to the hustle and pluck of our photog on the day, Christopher Person), and fights breaking out, and a speech from the populist (in pose, at the very least) Senatorial “hero” Chuck Schumer confirming the 8/29 show’s reinstatement, and a weird vibe to a weirdly penultimate installment to a weird summer for something we’ve loved since Day One.

Maybe next week will be better. Here’s to that.