Video Hangover: Lene Alexandra – “My Boobs”

Twice a week, we dig in the archives for videos that we find noteworthy, memorable, or just unbelievably stupid. And then, we break ‘em down for you. Why Video Hangover? Because when you watch as many videos as we do, you’re going to feel it afterwards.

“My Boobs”
Lene Alexandra, 2007

Some things to think about while you?re watching this in silence on your work computer…

Much sexier than the regular NASCAR Truck Series
Sexy visual alert! We watched a few times just to make sure we got them all: sexy secretary, sexy beauty queen, sexy nurse, sexy cheerleader, sexy car washers. There?s even a sexy pit crew, for those Norwegian NASCAR Truck Series enthusiasts.

You know, Boo, the twelveteenth letter in the alphabet
Just once we?d like to see a novelty video that tries to subvert the clichés of the genre even as it embraces those same clichés. Like, how about a sexy female CEO, or a naughty prime minister? But, then again, maybe we shouldn’t set the art-bar too high for a woman who spells “boobs” with three letters, one of which isn’t even a letter.

“Okay” is actually the Norwegian word for “silicone-based”
Although this video has many absurd and maybe even offensive aspects, it’s hard to argue with Ms. Alexandra’s contention: her boobs are OK. True, we’re not doctors or anything, but if they’re OK enough to win the “Miss Boobs” pageant, they?re OK enough for us.

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