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Torche – “U.F.O.” (Stereogum Premiere)

A couple of months ago I passed along details about Songs For Singles, Miami trio Torche’s followup to 2008’s beloved second album Meanderthal. I mentioned “songs for singles” could mean radio hits or songs for folks in search of love or etc., but don’t spend too much time worrying about it because as main man Steve Brooks puts it: “Dude, it’s just a rock band.” Well, not just any rock band. Per usual, Brooks has a crazy way with riffs and hooks, all contained within something sludgier than your standard pop (i.e. the reason for the “Sludge Pop” descriptors. “Stoner Pop” could work, too). Whatever you want to call it, the self-produced Songs cycles through 8 songs in 21 minutes, though I’m told it’s not an EP. I guess it’s just a full-length with short songs? (The second track “Lay Low” clocks in at 52 seconds.) It all opens with this 2-minute gem “U.F.O.” Please note: This is not the David Lee Roth joke version included on Hydra Head’s free digital sampler a few months back. Though that version had its merits, too.

Torche – “U.F.O.”

Songs For Singles is out 9/21 via Hydra Head. “U.F.O.” is out today as a download via iTunes.

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