Ask Not What Linkin Park Can Do for Rick Rubin

Normally, we wouldn’t go out of our way for Linkin Park, but we’ve had our eye on Rick Rubin since he was tapped to produce the new Metallica album (after leading the Dixie Chicks to a sweep at the Grammys, no less). The production on St. Anger was lacking, to put it kindly, and contributed to the most disappointing, if not the worst, Metallica album of all time. So, in the meantime, what is Mr. Rubin doing for Linkin Park, the band behind the best selling LP of 2001? Chester has said that Minutes to Midnight will completely abandon the nu-metal sound of previous albums. And if anyone can save the Parkers from themselves, it’s Rubin. But this 30 second clip of new single “What I’ve Done” sounds like a cross between Trail of Dead and Blink-182. Listen here. Will you give the Bearded One the benefit of the doubt for now?