Gum Stof

Just a couple quick notes on new features:

  • Gum Mix! Maybe you noticed the shiny new mp3 player in the sidebar? It automatically picks up our last dozen (or so) mp3s using a modified versions of Brandon Fuller’s MT Enclosure plugin and Jeroen Wijering’s Flash MP3 player. If you want to eat our bandwidth while you read other sites, hit “pop out” to open it in its own little window. On the right-hand side of each song, it links back to the track’s related post, so you can figure out what the hell we were thinking when we posted it. If it’s not working for you, bitch in the comments or write web at stereogum dot com … it should be pretty universal, but you never know.
  • The MP3 podcast is back! If your RSS reader supports enclosures (Bloglines comes to mind), you should get convenient players when you read. You can also plug the feed URL ( into your podcast reader (iTunes?) to get regular downloads of all our MP3s.
  • Do any of you use We thought it would be really cool to start a stereogum group and open it to everyone, for two reasons:
    1. now you can call each other cocksnot anonymously AND privately
    2. you can see what everyone else is listening to, and who knows? that just seems kind of cool

    Anyway, if you use and scrobble, sign up.

  • Finally, comments *should* be posting faster and with less errors … also, there should be less spam. Still, gripe in the comments (like we have to ask) if your user experience is not up to snuff.