Band Madness 2007

Even those of you who couldn’t name a Superbowl winner from the last decade or pick Neal Cotts out of a lineup have to be aware of the other hype-filled clusterfuck going on right now: the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship, aka March Madness. There’s not a lot of music crossover, except to say that CBS finally ditched their greybeard intro/outro music for the likes of Fall Out Boy and Jay-Z. Oh, and they put Oral Roberts University in the tiny scoreboard as “O-Rob” instead of “Oral”, and later as “ORU” (via ESPN). We’re guessing it’s probably because Prince’s silhouette at the Superbowl generated eighty billion identical crank letters and at least one that said “Thanks CBS for turning my son GAY.” Who cares about Oral Roberts? Well, if it weren’t for their namesake preaching about his vision of a mutant savior, MC 900 Ft. Jesus would still be Mark Griffin. There’s your music angle.

Anyway, Band Madness is back and it’s way more sort of fun. They went through the trouble of seeding bands and breaking them into different brackets. You can blow through the easy ones (Talking Heads vs. Live), enjoy the puzzling ones (James Taylor vs. Aesop Rock?), and agonize over things like Bloc Party vs. Rufus Wainwright (Rufus is winning). The Meat Puppets are currently beating Fall Out Boy, but if their message board finds out, it’s over for the brothers Kirkwood.