More Reunion Talk

We left a bunch (more like a ton) of important names off our list of re-formed bands we think should record new material. Sebadoh, The Smashing Pumpkins, J&M Chain, Crowded House — yes, yes, yes, yes. And the list goes on. With so many reunions in progress, it?s hard to believe any band could resist the siren song of nostalgia — and the potential for a Pixies-style payday. And yet there are major names still on the sidelines. We thought we?d look at some of our favorite still-broken-up bands and try to figure out when (and if) they?ll come back.

An unquestioned #1 — on our list, anyway. Ever since Stephen attached those handcuffs to the mike stand in 1999 and said (something to the effect of), ?These symbolize what it?s like to be in a band,? we?ve been waiting for signs of a thaw.


WE’LL TAKE: The over — but just barely. As we creep toward the 20th anniversary of Pavement?s early Drag City work, the din will become a roar. Come on guys, throw us a bone!

Faith No More/Mr. Bungle
Mr. Bungle was always a bit avant garde for our ears, but Angel Dust still finds its way into our playlists from time to time, along with FNM?s killer cover of ?Easy.?


WE’LL TAKE: The over. No comment on Mr. Bungle, but Mike Patton recently gave a firm ?no way? to a FNM reunion. Was he serious? Probably. But he?s also insane. (Which also makes for great Wolfmother bashing.)

My Bloody Valentine
Kevin Shields sightings have become more frequent in the past few years, his “remixes” are in a state of decline, and we?re coming up on the 20th anniversary of Loveless, one of the most influential albums of all time.


WE’LL TAKE: The over. Loveless was a studio classic, and MBV, although they had a great live reputation, didn?t spend as much time on the road as some of their peers. And since it?s usually the mega-money tours that drive these things, a proper reunion seems unlikely. Maybe (hopefully) Kevin will open up the archives, or release new solo material under the MBV name.

Mark Robinson?s outfit was one of the titans of 90s indie rock. Although they don’t often make the critics’ lists for such things, Imperial f.f.r.r. and Perfect are both classics.


WE’LL TAKE: The under. The band played a reunion show (to much fanfare) in 2005. It didn?t lead to a full-on reformation, but it was a good start. A mini-tour or a few festival gigs wouldn?t be too much to ask for, would it?

The Whotles
This from reader Tony G: Roger, Pete, Paul and Ringo re-form as a sixties supergroup that never was.

OVER/UNDER: December 31, 2007

WE’LL TAKE: The under. In the year when Chinese Democracy is 100%, absolutely, without a doubt maybe going to see release, anything is possible, right?

Plenty of other candidates out there. Stone Roses? Guided By Voices (technically, Robert Pollard would be reuniting with himself)? Sleater-Kinney? Who else did we miss?