RIP Brad Delp

We were remiss in not covering the untimely death of Brad Delp, singer of ’70s arena-rock heavyweights Boston. This week came the even sadder news that Delp had committed suicide via carbon monoxide poisoning. Billboard reports that the singer left a series of suicide notes, one paper-clipped to his shirt:

“Mr. Brad Delp. J’ai une ame solitaire. I am a lonely soul. To whoever finds this I have hopefully committed suicide. Plan B was to asphyxiate myself in my car.”

“I take complete and sole responsibility for my present situation. I have lost my desire to live. Unfortunately [my fiancee] is totally unaware of what I have done.”

We can’t claim to be the blogosphere’s biggest Boston fans, but “More Than A Feeling” was one of the first songs we learned on guitar, and we’ve never heard a singer hold a candle to original vocal performance on that megahit.

We assume you’ve spun the tune a few times this week, so we’ll spare you the umpteenth MP3 link. Instead, head to Copy, Right? for N*SYNC’s version. A capella. Yes, it’s as bad as you think.

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