Moby Bakes For Democracy

Saturday was a beautiful day for a democracy bakesale. Eliza Jane and Laura XBox prepared treats for one of the many MoveOn events taking place throughout the city/country. However, their event didn’t promise any B-list celebrities, so I headed to the one at Teany, everyone’s favorite vegan Scrabble hangout.

By the time Marcus, Peggy, and I arrived, Celeste Jackson and Jen Daily Refill were inside drinking tea and eating a cupcake purchased from Al Franken (Celeste told Al it was “pretty”).

Anyway, so much for a stealth trip to Toys In Babeland … Rivington was bustling all day. Here are some photos…

Democracy lovers line up for snacks.

These people don’t believe in democracy cupcakes.

Jenny Penny walks by without buying a cupcake. She must hate democracy.

Robert Smigel talks to a baby.

This photo is stolen from Moby’s blog.

David Cross on the left, the back of my head on the right. (I asked Moby if the cupcakes were carb free. He said yes.)

I feed Celeste a cupcake. Hercules looks on.

The last two photos were taken by Jen. More of her pics here.

At night EJ and I went to see Avenue Q. Very funny (but would have been funnier if Kevan hadn’t recited the songs on my voicemail everyday for the last month).

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