Fight Bite – “Celeste” & “Petrified” (Stereogum Premiere)

Texas BTW Fight Bite have some new recordings set to eventually surface on a new EP. For now they’re homeless and unmastered, but that unfinished roughness works in favor of Jeff Louis and Leanne Macomber’s synth pop. They record to tape, not a computer — “Celeste” and “Petrified” feel especially alive and late-night disorienting with the added fuzziness. The duo’s looking to finalize a full album once Macomber returns from touring as part of Neon Indian. (She handles keyboards for Neon Indian, but I’m told she’s a bassist first and handled Paul McCartney’s basslines on their cover of “Temporary Secretary” at Governor’s Island.) Diehards might recognize “Celeste” as the older track, “Star.” It has real lift. “Petrified” offers a softer last-dance chill.

Fight Bite – “Celeste”
Fight Bite – “Petrified”

Keep watch for further developments at MySpace.

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