Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You” At The Movies

Never has there been a better time to release a pleasure-center tickling pop song totally unfit for radio than at this time, when radio is totally unfit for making a song popular. At least not in the way we care about it (internet)! So Cee-Lo dropped “Fuck You” via a YouTube lyrics video, and it became massively viewed if massively censored on public airwaves, and the internet is returning the favor by making super mashups which put the song in iconic movie scenes originally soundtracked by completely different songs. In particular, the Dallas Observer has done this three times over, for scenes from Shawshank Redemption, Say Anything, and Dirty Dancing. Watch ‘em all, then don’t even bother trying to do one of your own because it’ll be tough to do better.

Meanwhile, keep eyes peeled for the “Fuck You” proper music video, which is likely to be less censorable than the track it depicts.