K-Fed Is Searching For You

Following in the footsteps of Andrew ?Dice? Clay might not be the best career move, but Kevin Federline has never seen an opportunity for self-promotion he didn?t marry — er, jump on. And so we turn your attention to Search with Kevin, your chance to surf the net with everybody?s favorite backup-dancer turned baby-daddy to the stars. What?s in it for the lucky winner? Tickets to Las Vegas. Well, not tickets to Las Vegas, but tickets to a party in Las Vegas. A birthday party! Sort of. Let?s let Kevin explain (via gizmodo):

Hey everyone! I decided to spend my actual birthday, which is on Wednesday March 21st , with my family and have one big blowout in Las Vegas on March 24th which I would love for you to be a part of. For those of you who are searching the web at: www.searchwithkevin.com I apologize for this inconvenience and I will instead double the amount of tickets given out to my party on March 24th. So instead of 5, I’ll be looking forward to partying with 10 of you and your guests in Las Vegas. The winners will be announced on March 19th. I look forward to seeing you there!

Kevin Federline

It’s March 19th today! Any winners out there? Let us know if you need good icebreakers. What a contest, eh? Hey, if Meat Loaf can do it, why not K-Fed? Wait, don?t answer that.