Lil Wayne Makes Live “Rock” Debut On AT&T’s Facebook Page

This week has already brought us very special information: Weezy is going rock, and that his idea of “rock” is Linkin Park, and that it will sound like this. Even if you didn’t before, now you know that. You can’t un-know any of it. Welcome to the party. To continue adding to that wellspring of awesome, AT&T has a Facebook page and and wants you to be their friend, and are apparently all about streaming concerts, like the one at which Lil Wayne made the concert debut of his rocker “Prom Queen.” As per his stop at SNL Wayne’s rocking his stage prop guitar which he proceeds to tap like you’ve never seen.

Hear that noise, Marnie Stern? It’s Weezy coming up behind you with a plate full of embarrassment. AT&T customers can get “Prom Queen”: The Ringtone or “Prom Queen”: The Full Track by texting “Wayne” to 7317, or by getting it online and then enjoy hours of people smacking your AT&T phone out of your hand because why would you do that to us.

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