Bigmouths Strike Again: African Cannibal Edition

In an interview in Venice magazine, this artist slowly shifts the subject of conversation from personal attacks to a little known situation in Africa. It’s a horrible social condition, but makes for transparently bizarre conversation redirection.

I didn’t know that for 20 years now, maybe more, there’s an army of people… they steal young children from their parents while they’re sleeping. They steal them at the ages of three and four and they basically turn them into killing machines and they make them eat each other. If one of them tries to run away they shoot [him] and then have [him] brought back and have the other children eat [him]. It’s so barbaric and horrible and disgusting and I’m like, ‘Why don’t I know about this?’

Because you don’t read the news? Anyway, no idea what was said to require the quote brackets, but no matter: make your guess, then take the jump.

(via Contact Music)

Would we have given it away if he said “bitch be fucking for tracks”?