New York Vs. London

The new issue of New York compares the cultural capitals on a series of fun fronts including food, sex, and terrorism, but of interest to you will be the Who Rocks Harder? section (okay maybe Where’s The Sex Better? too, but what you do on your own time is between you and your libido). There’s little said about the state of the homegrown NYC scene; they’re approaching it from a Londoner’s angle, quoting a Q editor who says “Ever since the emergence of the Ramones, the impact of New York music has been keenly felt in London,” before New Yorkers’ curiosity about “the latest London sensation” — and noting our crowds’ disinterested demeanor.

They just can?t be counted on to get too pumped up about it?when Klaxons came to New York, they were shocked by the crowd?s impassivity. ?People stood there, arms folded, like they wanted to be impressed,? says Klaxons? Jamie Reynolds. ?I thought New York is one of those places where people let go.?

Check Craigslist, Jamie. NYers let go of plenty to get that hot ticket. Their behavior when they get to the gig, though, you may have a point. Why do you think that is? Too tired from work? Too cool for enthusiasm? In any event, to round out the piece, New York has listed “The U.K. Acts That Should Be On Your iPod.” We’ve put ‘em after the jump, but … huh? Are London and the U.K. synonymous now?

Patrick Wolf
Amy Winehouse
Field Music
Larrikin Love
Air Traffic
Kid Harpoon

Add ‘em if you got ‘em.