No Age, Abe Vigoda, Mika Miko, Wavves & Friends @ The Smell, Los Angeles 1/25/09

On the eve of a trip to Australia, Dean and Randy from No Age threw a matinee house party at scene institution the Smell, inviting six bands and a sold-out crowd to come over for some blissed out punk and noise and pancakes. Figuring this lineup was too good to miss — including Smell stalwarts Abe Vigoda, Mika Miko, and the rising Wavves — we asked photographer Nik Gomez to capture some of Sunday’s sights, and then we asked No Age’s Randy Randall to capture some of Sunday’s insights. Both obliged:

From the electronic computing machine of Randy Randall:

Man, this show was so much fun. I hadn’t really thought about what an awesome line up it really was till the show got started. I guess I am just spoiled to know most of these folks as friend before I think of them as sick bands. It was 7 bands from 12:30 to 5:30 so things were running fast. I was having a lot fun making sure everything could go as smooth as possible. I think it sold out by 2 o’clock, so I was bummed people were turned away, but I guess that is something that happens when there are 7 rad bands playing on the same bill.

JLep kicked things off, they are a new band and this was their first time playing the Smell. I was stoked to see them in such a big boomy room. They sounded sick at a louder volume. I have to say Wavves were super awesome. I hadn’t seen them before and I was really psyched on them. Dave Scott Stone played some really beautiful harmonic electronic noise that was mega blissed out. Rings brought their deconstructed haunting mysterious vibe in full force.

This was one of Abe Vigoda’s most jaw dropping shows. I have had the good fortune to see them a ton, but they played today with such intensity that it was something I will never forget witnessing. I believe this was the last if not 2nd to last show with Reggie on drums. He will surely be missed, but I happened to overhear them practicing with their new drummer and the new material is really tight.

Mika mutha fuckin’ Miko are going to eventually destroy the entire building of the Smell … Seth is seriously holding it down as their new drummer. They played songs of their forth coming PPM album, which will be out in May. “Turkey Sandwich” is gonna be the summer jam of 09′.

I am always scared to play after Mika Miko, I always feel like we are such a let down after watching them, so I can’t really say anything cool about No Age. I feel like the show was over after Mika Miko and we just prolonged a sweaty brutal dog pile.

Engaged and humble reportage, Randy. However photog Nik delivers the unbiased No Age report:

The true headliners. They really do tear the house down when they play. They played all their greats (including Boy Void, a personal fave), and there were too many people stage diving to count. The guys really treat the smell as their home, and you can seem them running around all day to congratulate other bands, helping to get stuff set up, or just hanging out talking to fans. It was a great show.

Click on for a slate of shots. Brace yourselves, citizens of Down Under. Don’t fly Oceanic, No Age.