Andrew W.K. Discusses The Joy Of Life

Maybe you heard about Andrew W.K.’s recent turn as a party-loving Tony Robbins. If so, it’s likely you heard that the Andrew’s seminar stretches over four hours. That already seems to test the notion of “joy,” so reader Steven W. saves you some time with this report from Monday night’s Joy-In with motivational speaker AWK.

Last night I attended the Andrew WK Joy Of Life performance at the PIT theater. It was a very small space, it held maybe 50 people. The stage area had a giant AWK banner behind it, with the I Get Wet album playing over the PA. After waiting for about a half hour, a fog machine pumped the place full of smoke, as Andrew emerged from behind a curtain, and took a seat in front of everyone. He explained that he suffered and injury at SXSW from doing some minor stage moves, so he didnt move around much during the show- I expected more high kicks and air punches.

Basically, he spent 2 hrs discussing Joy, and how individuals choose to achieve joy, as well as the choices we make in every day life. He took comments from the audience, and at times it turned into a bizarre Jerry Springer type situation with AWK walking through the crowd pointing the mic at people. His main points seemed to be- Whatever choices you make in your everyday life are the perfect choices for you, and anything that happens to you (such as his knee injury) were meant to happen and can only have a positive outcome on your life, if you choose to have a positive outcome.

He ended the night by bringing everyone out to the lobby and handing out AWK Blood Stained T Shirts to everyone, talking with whoever wanted to talk. He is truly a great guy.

Thanks Steve! Sounds … inspirational. Log on next week when we review Lovefoxxx reading from The Secret.

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