Demetri Martin Is The New Rachel Hunter

You can always count on Fountains Of Wayne to portray their cheeky power pop via memorable vids, and thanks to Miss Modern Age’s set-crashing stealth, looks like they’re at it again with the forthcoming clip for “Someone To Love.” No former Mrs. Rod Stewart this time; instead we get funnyman (and Film School collaborator) Demetri Martin. Good trade — and from the looks of Laura’s pics, thankfully, no Demetri in bikini.

The vid is directed by Adam Neustadter (whose work you already know). Don’t know the air date yet, but we’ll show it to ya whenever Schlesinger deems fit.

UPDATE: More pics! Compliments of Melody Nelson, whose captions reveal that Demetri plays track protagonist Seth Mackenzie (“got his law degree…”). And in real life, Martin is a NYU Law School drop-out! Oh, the irony. Check the pics (and song stream) after the jump.

Fountains Of Wayne – “Someone To Love” (ASX)