New Telepathe Video – “So Fine”

Even when folks talk shit about their lives shows, etc., there’s always been something about Telepathe I’ve enjoyed. It’s something about the bond between the core members as well as the new age-y darkness behind Melissa Livaudais and Busy Gangnes’ music, their interest in telepathy and psychic communication. For instance, when I asked them about their band name in the Village Voice a few years ago, Gagnes responded:

The name came out of this conversation we had about a woman who’s a pet communicator … She listens to a dog or a cat and can supposedly understand what they’re saying. It’s a therapy. Playing music with people, especially when you improvise, is also its own communication.

Livaudais added:

Many women in my family, on my mother’s side, have telepathy. They’re receivers. I have the same ability, though it’s not completely polished. I strive to channel these feelings into my music: trances, naturally altered states of being.

All this to say: Pay attention to the Katherine Nolfi-directed video for “So Fine,” a track off their forthcoming Dave Sitek-produced Dance Mother. There’s a lot of dancing, but there’s also some ritualistic candles (and marshmallow roasting), a quest for the appropriate spices, and, ironically or not, Livaudais is wearing a Burzum shirt. There’s also a light at the end of the tunnel at the beginning.

Dance Mother is out 4/14 via IAMSOUND.

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