Dappled Cities @ Pianos, NYC 3/22/07

Crowds at NYC clubs the week after SXSW are a comical spectacle; bands play to quarter-filled rooms when any other week they’d be packed, and the the people that turn up are a mix of eager-eyed, music-deprived, SouthBy holdouts and burned-out, sleep-deprived, SouthBy casualties. No need to bitch about which we were, but let it be a testament to to our need to see Australia’s Dappled Cities (it’s official: no more Fly) after missing ‘em in Austin.

The indie-pop quintet’s been building buzz down under for awhile now (two albums to their slightly-changed name), and we made ‘em a band to watch last November when Aussie friends recommended the excellent Granddance (their sophomore effort, which will be their long-overdue US debut, out on these shores this June).

The only measuring stick for the gig for us was whether we’d regret having left our couch, and by that standard Dappled Cities killed it. Would have loved it anyway, though; there’s a distinctly Shins-y vibe at play on Granddance opening tracks “Holy Chord” and “Within Hours,” but any and all Mercer-nicking is forgiven through the band’s sense of craft and their well-honed live chops. Other highlights on the night included first single “Fire Fire Fire,” “Beach Song,” “Within Hours,” and basically everything else they played. The won’t be back through the states until closer to record release in a few months, but they’re well-worth checking out, no matter your state of exhaustion. From Pianos it was on to Merc for Jamie T (post tk).

More Dappled pics and sonic treats after the jump.

Dappled Cities – “Within Hours” (MP3)
Dappled Cities – “Fire Fire Fire (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)” (MP3)

More to hear at MySpace.

Granddance is out in the US 6/5 on Dangerbird.